Gift Card Program Advantages for Merchants and Customers

The advantages of our gift card program are many, both for the merchants and their customers by ensuring both parties are happy with the gift card system and universal acceptance and approval are promoted.

  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Cash flow is enhanced by collecting Gift Card funds.
  • Attracts and retains new customers by building brand awareness and creating customer loyalty.
  • Rechargeable feature keeps customers loyal as merchant becomes the mainstay.
  • Switching from paper to plastic results in increased consumer participation and increased sales and average ticket size.
  • Unused balance remains on gift card, which keeps customer coming back.
  • Our Gift card provides a customized marketing tool for the restaurant, dealership, Jiffy Lube, Hair Salon etc.
  • Complete in 4 color graphics.
  • Extensive reporting provides Security Controls.
  • Breakage and Reduced Transaction Fees add up to Profits
  • Breakage: 18% to 30% of Gift Cards are never redeemed.
  • Incentive sales with gift cards give you the corresponding profits.
  • The use of gift cards increases the average ticket, and promotes impulse buying.