Loyalty Point Systems Reward Customers and Merchants

Points Based Loyalty Program Accumulates Points Based
on the Dollar Value of the Customer's Historical Purchases.

Redeem Points for a Reward
After a certain number of points are reached, consumers can choose to redeem points for a reward. The reward is determined by the retailer. Examples include free beverage, 5% off next purchase, etc.

Accumulate Reward Points
The consumer may also choose to continue adding points to earn eligibility for a bigger reward. When a reward is redeemed, the customer's point balance is deducted accordingly.

Customer Point Balance
The customer's point balance is printed on the receipt after each transaction. Usually, the available rewards are communicated to the customer through methods such as newsletters, advertising, emails, etc.

Rewards Separated in Levels
To keep things simple, often rewards are separated into "Level 1," "Level 2, "Level 3" etc. with multiple rewards of similar value available within each reward category.

Incentive "Push"
The cashier or sales representative may also have the flexibility to "push" a particular incentive to the customer based on a discussion and anticipation of a future sale. This type of loyalty program generally requires more back end configuration.

Plastic Card Loyalty Program
Provides merchants the opportunity to capture data points about a particular customer's purchase activity, analyze the data. Loyalty programs improve and lengthen customer relationships, provide valuable data, and ultimately increase sales.