Mobile Gift Card Rewards and Loyalty Card Program

idCard Mobile Rewards will Increase Your Sales, Give You Customer Loyalty, Free Gift Card Marketing Tools and Custom Designs.

idCard Mobile Rewards and Gift Card Application

Simply download app to run the complete mobile application. download

Receive your cards with your company brand and information. Then scan the QR code and begin processing transactions.

idCard Rewards Deliver Profitable Benefits to the Consumer and Business

Gift Card Advantages

  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Attracts New Customers
  • Creates Customer Loyalty
  • Rechargeable Feature
  • Extensive Backend Reporting

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Loyalty Point Systems Reward Customers and Merchants

  • Points based Loyalty Program
  • Redeem Points for a Reward
  • Accumulate Reward Points
  • Customer Point Balance
  • Rewards Separated in Levels
  • Incentive "Push"

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What distinguishes idCard Rewards from other Programs?

You are able to run both a gift card and loyalty program using the same cards and software.

It is a completely turnkey program since we handle every aspect of your program including:
card design and production, application programming, staff training, and program promotion.


Donna Garrison, owner of Carson's Ribs, was amazed at the initial success her first week. Later she was amazed at the number of reloads, which saved her credit card fees.

"We are now pushing business out rather than pulling it in. This is a push not a pull." - Pat, Billy Sherman's Deli

"What a great way to keep our service customers coming back, while allowing our sales team a way to reward the potential customer." - Moore Cadillac/Pontiac/JEEP

When Jiffy Lube was looking to build a customer profile database, IDCARD Patron Works was ready to go.

Allow us the chance to design and build your very own card program
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